Tony Finn

Expertise: Strikers in the English Premier League.

Here's how I can help

My expertise lies in dissecting goal-scoring abilities. I focus on shot precision and decision-making under pressure. My unique skill is predicting a striker's potential impact, considering adaptability and resilience. This helps clubs scout strikers who quickly adapt to the Premier League's pace.

Work as an intermediary for:

Evan Ferguson Harry Kane Gabriel Jesus


Hi, I'm Tony Finn, a FA registered Intermediary specialising in English Premier League strikers. With a deep passion for the beautiful game and a knack for statistics, I specialize in analyzing goal-scoring talents. My expertise lies in dissecting shooting techniques, positioning, and in-game decision-making of top forwards. Utilizing advanced analytics, I'm here to unveil the next big goal-scoring sensation in the Premier League

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Tony Finn

Expertise: Strikers in the English Premier League.

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