Petter Andersson

Expertise: Goalkeepers in the UEFA Europa League Bio: Petter Andersson is particularly dedicated to examining and evaluating goalkeepers in the UEFA Europa League. His analysis includes shot-stopping capabilities, distribution skills, and command of the penalty area.

Michael Akinle

Expertise: Strikers in the EFL Championship Bio: Michael Akinle excels in analyzing and identifying promising strikers in the EFL Championship. With a keen eye for goal-scoring abilities and tactical positioning.

Jorge AIA

Bio: Focusing on Spain’s La Liga, Jorge AIA is adept at scouting midfield maestros. He evaluates players based on their ball control, passing accuracy, creativity, and influence on the game’s tempo. Jorge is invaluable for identifying talents who can dictate the flow of a match.

Maria AIA

Expertise: Specializing in the Serie A with expertise in scouting top defenders.

Tony Finn

Expertise: Strikers in the English Premier League.